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editor Gabby answered a few questions on what makes a good written submission at Six Questions For… with Jim Harrington! check it out here.

more information such as up-to-date deadlines and prompts can always be found on our Instagram account, @orangepeelmag.

submission requirements:

-We are seeking unpublished prose, poetry, comics, and visual art!

-Posting your work on social media does not count as publication and we’re happy to consider anything you’ve shared in this manner. Work that has been published in other magazines, zines, journals, online publications, books, etc. is considered published and not eligible for this magazine.

-We consider simultaneous submissions, assuming that you contact us if another publication plans to publish a work that you submitted to orangepeel.

-Written work can be original fiction or creative nonfiction.

-Visual art of many forms will be considered. Due to the nature of our publication, we cannot accommodate video.

-We will consider work in various languages. In the case of poetry and prose, we ask that an English translation is provided if the full original piece is not in English. Comics, visual artwork, and titles in different languages do not need translations to English. If you speak languages other than English, we totally encourage your use of those languages in your piece!

-For written work, 2500 words or less please! We check the word count before reading. If it’s one word over our limit, we don’t read further.

-We have a limit of four submissions per type per person. These rules allow one person to submit a maximum of four artworks, four poems, and four prose works to one issue. If more than four works per type are submitted, none will be considered. If you accidentally submit too many works or would like to retract a submission, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page to let us know what shouldn’t be considered!

-Please submit as Word docs or Google Docs for written work, .jpeg or .png for artwork. We do not consider .pdfs.

-We only accept through our Google Form – no email submissions or submissions through our “questions and comments” box! These will be ignored and you will not receive a response from us if you send a work to us in such a manner.

-We ask that you submit each work separately to ensure that we have a title for each. Because of this, our form is built to only accept one item at a time.

-By submitting your work, you allow our staff to make grammar and spelling edits where needed. If your work is accepted and any more substantial edits are required, we will ask you before making them!

-We don’t consider artist bios alongside works and they will be ignored if included in a document. (There’s also no reason to add your phone number or address to a submission; we will only contact you by the email address you enter into our submission form.)

-We do not grant exceptions to these requirements, including our refusal of work that has been published in the past. Please do not request exceptions, as they are disrespectful to our publication’s principles and to our other contributors.

Click the link below to submit your work once you are familiar with the above requirements!

submissions are closed!

i submitted my work. what now?

-Up-to-date submission deadlines can be found on our Instagram page.

-We usually reach out to those who have submitted work within the week following the final submission deadline via the email provided in our submission form. A post will be made on our Instagram page once all emails have been sent.

-Everyone who submitted work will receive one of three types of emails: acceptance, rejection, or a notification of nonconsideration due to a violation of our submission requirements.

Those whose submitted works were cut in the final round of decisions will receive a separate rejection email and are especially encouraged to submit to our publication again in the future.

Note: If your work is accepted, we are accepting the version of that work that was submitted for consideration. Please do not send us updated versions of your work and ask that they be featured instead. Fixing typos or grammar is fine, but we will not make drastic changes to what we have accepted.

-Haven’t received your email? Just reach out to us using the below form and add the correct email address. We’ll get back to you!

questions and comments

(this is not our submissions form!)

**please do not submit unsolicited author/artist bios via this form. we do not consider these alongside work and they will be ignored.**